Everyone knows about MP3 Ringtones. And most of us have them in our phones. Many ringtones come from popular and recent songs, making it difficult to locate the exact ringtone that you want. Even if you can find what you’re looking for, the price is high. You could make your own MP3-ringtone.

The technology is advancing so quickly that it’s hard to imagine you won’t be able create your own phone ringtones at some point. The best thing is you can make your own ringtones using your computer’s music library. What’s the best way to get started?

It is important to first check that the cell phone you are using can actually store MP3 music. If your phone cannot handle MP3 files, there is no sense in even trying. Once you have determined whether your device is able to store MP3 files, the next step will be to choose a way to transfer them. It can be via Bluetooth, USB cable or email.

After you have taken care of all the essentials, now is the time to enjoy yourself. Go to your music collection and choose any song to turn into an MP3 ringtone. Transfer the songs you want from your CD onto any music player you own. You can also use iTunes, Windows Media Player and other similar programs.

Open your audio editor software youtube mp3. You do not need to worry if this is not your case. You can find a range of online audio-editing software for free. Downloading a LAME Library, another free program, is also recommended.

After you’ve downloaded your LAME Library and audio editing software it is time to start creating your ringtone. With your audio-editing software, open up the song. Here, you can cut any section of the music into a new ringtone. You should aim for a ringtone that is no longer than 20 seconds, as the majority of phones won’t ring any more. After you have edited your ringtone click on export as MP3 under the file menu.

Last step after saving the MP3 as an MP3, is to copy it to your cell phone. As mentioned above, this can be done via Bluetooth, USB cord, or even email. It will take a couple minutes to download the MP3 and you are ready to set it as your default. So simple.

It is portable and convenient. The music is available everywhere, whether in airports or parks. Different brands are available, and all models have excellent storage and memory. You can create personalized music lists by downloading tracks from the Internet. Songs are compressed in order to not use up too much memory.